5 Useful Small Bedroom Makeover Ideas to Maximize Space

Big bedrooms are a blessing. However, not everyone has a spacious bedroom that can fit a king size bed, a cozy couch or a fireplace. Besides causing a lot of inconvenience, small bedrooms can make you feel stressed. No matter what, they’ll always look messy and disorganized. Let’s bring a change to that. Here are a few bedroom decoration ideas to trick the eyes and make the maximum utilization of your space. The idea is to create a comfortable space that looks and feels bigger than its actual size.

  1. Choose your furniture wisely

Arranging furniture is an art. In fact, it is one of the most important aspects of interior decoration. When you have a small bedroom, you have to be more careful about choosing the right furniture and arranging them properly. There are several things that you may want in your bedroom, but you can’t have all of them. Choose only the items that’ll offer a bigger storage area and make your room look spacious. For example, buy tall shelves and dressers. They take up less space and offer more storage. You can also go for beds with spring-assisted storage boxes instead of those with built-in drawers. The mattress lifts up to reveal a hidden storage area inside the bed. This is helpful for small bedrooms that don’t have enough space for pull-out drawers.

  1. Play the colour game

Small rooms don’t have much access to natural light, which makes them look dark and claustrophobic.   When you choose the right colours for your bedroom, the space looks bigger and brighter. Coming to colours, which shades work best for small spaces?  White and neutral shades. While rich colours like chocolate and maroon can make a room look smaller, warm earth tones give a warm and airy feel to your bedroom. Pastel shades always create an illusion of a bigger space. Also install window curtains that allow some natural light in your room. This will brighten up the area and make it look lively.

  1. Use smart décor accessories

Here are a few smart decor items that’ll add some space to your bedroom.

  • A bed frame or headboard is a great storage solution
  • A multipurpose bookshelf for storage space
  • A wall-mounted bedside table allows a little extra room
  • Plain wooden floating shelves to store everyday items
  • Empty bottles and mason jars for storage and decoration
  1. Make the most of your wall space

There are several ways to give some space and character to your room. But none of them can make your room look complete if the walls are dull and empty. Here are some great ways to use the wall space in your bedroom.

  • Install wall shelves with boxes and baskets
  • Use the space on top of shelving units
  • Use hooks and wall racks
  • Install mirrors on the wall to give the illusion of a bigger space
  • Replace doors with sliding walls
  1. Use lights to create visual interest

Dark rooms feel uncomfortable and confining. Fortunately, with some easy tricks and lighting techniques you can make them look bigger and airy. Recessed lights are a great option. These lights fit in the ceiling of your room and provide a lot of light without using any floor or table space. Use track lighting or LED strip lights for all the corners and wall shelves of your room. You can also opt for tall wall-mounted lamps that take the focus off the width of your space and encourage people to look upwards. This creates a feeling of increased space.

Common mistakes to avoid

Now that you know what items work best for your small bedroom, it’s good to be aware of a few mistakes that people usually make when decorating a small space.

  • Interrupting visual flow

If you have multiple adjacent rooms in your home, make them look bigger by visually connecting them through glass walls. Use heavy dark-coloured curtains when you need privacy. Glass walls make the entire space flow seamlessly together.

  • Installing something on the floor instead of the wall

Floating shelves and mount walls save a lot of floor space. Go for swing lamps and wall shelves instead of floor lamps and standing cabinets.

  • Placing everything on display

A small room can easily look cluttered.  Install cabinets with sliding doors, or store things in boxes along a bookshelf. This gives a clean, organized look to your bedroom. If you want to put up something on display, choose a simple wall shelf or the top of a cabinet.

Small bedrooms are often inconvenient to live in, but there’s nothing bad about them. They’re cozy, snug and have less square footage to clean. However, many people face difficulty in terms of storage and utility. If you’re one among them, don’t worry. Take help of the above mentioned decorating tips and make your bedroom look bigger.