7 Festive Curtain Ideas to Make Your Holidays Special

Oct 11

With Christmas just around the corner, we could all use some holiday inspiration. After all, the right decor can make your home feel especially festive.

When it comes to decorating, statement rugs and the right sofa may be closer to the top of your list. But the right curtains can add the perfect finishing touch to your Toronto-area home.

Here are our top picks to inspire your curtain shopping.

Best Holiday Curtain Ideas for Your Toronto Home

Curtains are a key part of home decor. Besides offering privacy and climate control, they can change the look of a room entirely. And festive curtains can add layers of style to your home.

So, how do you pick the best-designed holiday curtains for your Toronto-area home? Let’s find out.

1. The Classic Off-White

Classic off-white curtains are anything but boring. If you have an airy living room with high ceilings, these floor-length window coverings offer an air of sophistication. Plus, they allow other elements of your room to take center stage. So, if you have elaborate, vibrant, and fancy holiday decorations, choose classic off-white floor-length curtains for your Toronto-area home.

2. The Gingham Style

The Gingham Style

There is something celebratory about classic gingham prints. This classic curtain pattern evokes nostalgia like no other and is one of the most versatile prints.

Play into the colours of the seasons and let these curtains become the focal point of your space. Choose solid colours for the rest of your decor to allow them to shine. Get our professionally-designed custom curtains for the best results.

3. The Curtain Tie-Back

The Curtain Tie-Back

Using a tie-back is often the best way to keep your curtain away from harm during the busy holiday season. Plus, it allows in sufficient light. While curtain tie-backs may not exactly embody the holiday spirit, they can be transformed by turning ribbons into fancy bows or hooks. A velvet, burlap or plaid ribbon works perfectly in these situations.

4. The Pretty Floral

If you love floral arrangements in the holiday season, show it off with custom floral curtains. They are a great way to add a subtle touch to your space and suit any decor.

Please make sure you know how to clean different types of home window coverings to ensure your curtains last. Custom curtains are an investment so care for them properly for the best results.

5. Festive Reds

Nothing says festive quite like the colour red. Since your window coverings contribute greatly to your home’s holiday spirit, it makes sense to change your curtains and drapes to match the mood of the season.

Red is a strong, vibrant colour that looks great during Thanksgiving and Christmas but may not suit all homes. Make sure your existing decor complements red festive curtains in your Toronto home.

6. Vibrant Orange

There’s nothing better than getting inspired by the world. The fall weather is all about fallen leaves and pumpkin spice lattes—you get the colour scheme. If you love the colours of fall, don’t hesitate to get orange curtains for your space.

They will look stunning during both Thanksgiving and Halloween. Plus, vibrant orange curtains lend a warm and inviting air to your space. Choose custom curtains from Lerner Interiors to enjoy our excellent workmanship and ensure the perfect fit within your budget.

7. That Pop of Blue

That Pop of Blue

A pop of vibrant blue curtains can make your space feel festive, soothing and rich. Pair them with silver or gold ornaments to make them even more festive this holiday season.

Curtains are often an afterthought when it comes to holiday decorating, yet these elements add the perfect finishing touch to any space. Spruce up your home with stunning curtains, including custom ones for the perfect fit and style. If you have solar or other types of blinds, you can still opt for curtains to improve insulation through the long, cold festive season. Book a consultation to find the right ones for your space.