8 Attractive and Popular Window Treatments for Bay Windows

Jan 11

Bay windows are amazing architectural additions, generally seen in Victorian homes. But they have recently been seen in newer homes coming up due to their ability to provide expansive views of the outdoors and allow natural light in. Nevertheless, these windows are somewhat hard to dress owing to their unique design, creating dilemmas for homeowners and interior designers. This is one reason why many homeowners decide to leave their bay windows bare. However, there are window coverings such as blinds, shutters and custom draperies available in Toronto that can work and look good on your bay windows.

Window Treatments for Bay Windows

Roman Shades

Roman shades have been a classic choice for a long time, but they look exceptionally enchanting and sophisticated when installed on bay windows. Their timeless style ensures they look great in bathrooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, practically in any room as they offer an elegant yet simple way to dress up the windows. When mounted on the inside of bay windows, it can make the space appear structured and clean providing a contemporary look. However, it’s best to use roman shades when privacy isn’t an issue and they can be left in the same position most of the time. Since there are three windows, they will need to sit on separate mechanisms which need to be pulled individually.

Roller Blinds

These are considered to be simple solutions to dressing up bay windows as roller blinds available these days are becoming heavier and come in more attractive designs. For homeowners who prefer simpler aesthetics, this is a preferable option. Roller blinds are generally fixed on the ceiling above the bay windows with one section in the middle and the other two on both sides. The cords are left hanging on either side to provide a more symmetrical look.

Vertical Blinds

Wood, PVC or Fabric vertical blinds are known to work really well when mounted on bay windows. You can install a track which curves over all three sections of the windows or choose to have individual tracks installed in each one. Vertical blinds tend to open fully, allowing you to get the full view of your windows.


This is the most popular choice for bay windows due to the sheer variety available. Your bay windows can easily be turned into the focal point of the room by installing attractive patterns or bright coloured curtains. However, if you have a more neutral palette in your interiors, opt for pastel shades and hang them from the ceiling to the floor, which will provide an airy feel. Window treatments for bay windows also include custom draperies that can work exceptionally well on the enormous curvatures. Your drapery rod can be mounted a few inches above the edge of the windows to provide an impression of your ceilings being taller than they really are. Create an interesting effect on the inside of the curvatures is easier if you choose patterns with vertical motifs.

Sheer Shades

Sheer shades can be perfect for your bay windows if you are looking for a clean and simple look. The shades allow the glow of sunlight in the room and that, paired with the different horizontal layers can allow a peaceful and calm feeling into the space. They can be kept closed when you need privacy and opened to allow light to fill into the room as and when needed. You can also choose to keep them completely rolled up for an unhindered view.


Bay windows are thought of as portals leading to a beautiful view, making privacy the last thing that is on the homeowner’s mind. This is why valances can also be used on these windows. Although they seem like mere decorative additions, they do serve many purposes like hiding other treatments that are on the windows such as roller shades, cellular shades or wood blinds. Cascade and swag valances can work well in a formal room while shaped and pleated valances work well in rooms with more casual interiors.

Wood Blinds

You can combine curtains with wood blinds to create the best of both worlds on your windows. The wood blinds can provide privacy when needed while the curtains can bring in softness into the area. They remain a popular choice for bay windows due to their aesthetic appeal, light control, and traditional look. Besides adding a feeling of coziness to the room, wood blinds give it an elegant charm.


You can mount shutters on your bay windows depending on their location in the house. Shutters with large louvres can allow natural light to flow in and light up the space and provide an airy feel. However, if you have bay windows that are facing a busy street that has a lot of activity going on throughout the day, its best to opt for smaller louvres that can provide privacy from the bustle outside. Being easy to clean, shutters add elegance and value to your home.

Thanks to their tricky and stunning design, it is difficult to dress bay windows. However, it isn’t impossible if you remember that the purpose of bay window coverings is to enhance the beauty of the windows and make them look bigger without compromising on light and privacy control.It really doesn’t matter what you choose, as long as it works for you and your space.