Know your Shades!

When it comes to window treatments, shades are an extremely popular choice for most home owners owing to versatility in function as well as looks. Most leading window treatment manufacturers like Hunter Douglas, Sunglow, Elite Window Fashions, etc. offer a variety of shades to meet divergent requirements of homes.

Roller Shades

Shades are standalone window treatments and can also be installed in combination with existing window coverings or accessories for an enhanced look and appeal. Shades are crafted to be stylish and energy efficient. They also protect indoors from harmful sun rays and also allow management and control of light and privacy. Here we discuss the various kinds of shades to help you decide which is best for you.

Roman Shades: These shades are great when used to block the sun. When in use, they fall straight and smooth and stack up when not in use, giving complete outside view from a window. They gather at the top of the window rather than being rolled up when not in use. They have a cascading effect and you can choose from a wide variety of fabrics, prints, styles and patterns to match your interiors.

Roller Shades: As the name suggests, these shades roll up and down while being operated. They can be made of various fabrics, designs and patterns and are a moderately good option when it comes to light management and temperature control. You can customize these to perfection to suit the decor of your home!

Sheer Shades: These shades are usually translucent in nature and offer partial concealment of indoors from prying outdoor elements while letting in natural light in the most subtle manner. These shades have different opacities depending upon the fabric you choose.

Cellular Shades: These shades have a honeycomb design and are constructed with two panels of fabrics with an empty air pocket in between. This air pocket acts as an insulator making these shades more energy efficient that help in maintaining internal temperatures. Like sheer shades, these also have different levels of opacities and are great for sound absorption. Classy, low on maintenance and easy operation, these make for great shades.

Motorized Shades: Motorizes shades are great for homes that have pets and children. This variety completely does away with cords and switches, making it simple and easy to maneuver with remote controls.

Woven wood Shades: These are made from natural substances like reeds, grasses, rattan, bamboo, etc. that are woven together to create window coverings. They are a good option for indoor light, privacy and temperature management.

Sun shades, natural shades, high-lite shades, etc. are some more varieties of shades that are available in most stores. It is wise to choose depending upon the requirements of your home!