What are Cellular Shades?

Mar 9

New Concept in Window Coverings

With advancements in technology in every sphere of life, window treatments are no way lagging behind. With increasing demands in style and functionality it has become important for most store owners to take in more innovation with their products. Shades, blinds, shutters have been around for almost centuries imbibing modifications with time. However, cellular shades are one of the most recent offerings as a window treatment. Crafted with modern technology, these shades have gained immense popularity in the last few years, with more and more house owners installing them in their homes. Albeit costlier that most of its counterparts, cellular shades have become a preferred choice purely because of its sheer utilitarian properties as well as enhanced appearance.

Cellular Honeycomb Shades

Understand what cellular shades are

Since it is a new concept, it is important that you understand what exactly cellular shades are and how they are different from other window coverings. Cellular shades are also known as honey-comb shades that are crafted with small honey-comb shaped gaps, pockets or cells to prevent air movement. These pockets trap the air stopping it from either entering or going out of your home. Thicker versions have an additional insulated layer of fabric to maintain appropriate temperature inside the house. Made with at least two sheets of fabric, you can choose from different sizes of single, double or triple celled shades to suit your need. You can choose the qualities of fabric that goes into making cellular shades with varying textures, colors and opacities. This allows you to have an inner fabric that matches with your interiors and a different one for the outer layer to match the exterior of your house.

Cellular shades neatly stack up in a thin pile on the top of the window, letting you have maximum outdoor view. Uniformity in appearance makes them look sleek and more sophisticated than other coverings. Cellular shades are best with motorized controls.


Certain distinct advantages of cellular shades over other window coverings are:

  • Cellular shades are very versatile and can be crafted to fit any and every kind of window
  • You can choose between top-down or bottom-up movement depending upon your requirement.
  • Allows combination of other fabrics or material for more privacy and light control
  • Usually available in various thicknesses to offer different levels of light control
  • Offer varying degrees of insulation from hot and cold weather conditions
  • Durable and almost maintenance free
  • Trapping air mechanism makes them energy efficient leading to reduced energy bills throughout the year
  • Sound proof the room to a great extent

Cellular shades may look like an investment but is certainly worth the money spent because of its unparalled advantages!

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