How to Design an Inviting Guest Bedroom (7 Simple Tips)

Getting your home ready for house guests can be fun and exciting. So, when it comes to designing and decorating a guest bedroom, remember that comfort is key. The space should be welcoming and ideally combine the amenities offered by hotels with the charm and intimacy of a home.

Thinking about creating an inviting guest bedroom? Then consider the essentials that a traveller requires. These include a comfortable bed, a table and chair to lounge in, along with suitable shades and blinds on windows to adjust the room’s lighting. A guest room is the perfect spot for homeowners to experiment with various decor trends.

Let’s look at the simple ways to decorate or design your guest bedroom.

7 Simple Tips to Decorate a Guest Bedroom

These simple ideas will completely transform your guest bedroom into a welcoming and cozy space for visitors.

  1. Choose a Theme

Decorating your own bedroom probably came naturally, but it can be difficult to choose a theme for guests. Your best bet is to design a room that is flexible yet stylish. Choose timeless, gender neutral colours. Of course a guest room is still a part of your home so design it to complement the rest of your decor.

Choose a Theme

  1. Invest in High-Quality Bedding

The primary goal of your guest bedroom is to make it as comfortable as possible. One of the best ways to do that is by investing in durable, high-quality bedding. Remember, the key to making the space cozy lies in the mix. You can begin with a quality padded mattress cover and add soft pillowcases and sheets. Add a light quilt which they can use or remove depending on their needs.

  1. Go for a Neutral Colour Palette

Even if you prefer mixing different styles or bright colours, your guest(s) may not. So it’s better to keep the overall design and colour palette neutral. Find a unique style but refrain from being too specific as it can make visitors feel out of place. The main reason many hotels use whites and pastels is that their rooms must cater to a variety of tastes, and these colours help them do that.

Remember: using too much white can make the space drab, so add a little twist with contrasting or colourful elements here and there.

Go for a Neutral Colour Palette

  1. Add Blackout Window Treatments

If your current guest room has window treatments that are hard to reach or operate, or if it doesn’t have any at all, consider installing blackout ones. Inexpensive blackout curtains, blinds or shades aren’t hard to get so it’s easy to choose one that’s perfect for your space. These decor elements can make a world of difference when it comes to your guests getting a restful sleep.

If you purchase curtains, make sure there are at least six inches on either side of the window for them to be stacked. Also, the height should be such that they just about reach the ground.

If you’re not a fan of draperies, go for woven shades, or blinds that come with blackout linings. These can generally be customized to perfectly fit windows of any shape or size.

You can also pair shades and blinds with curtains to offer maximum light and privacy control.

Add Blackout Window Treatments

  1. Use Fragrances (With Caution)

When it comes to scents, use some sense and ask your guests before they arrive if they have any allergies to fragrances. No? Then continue reading.

Shortly before your guests arrive, lightly spritz their towels and sheets with a fragranced linen spray. Also, consider adding scented candles and soaps to freshen up their bathroom.

If you can, consider purchasing fresh flowers to brighten up the room with local and seasonal flowers. (These are relatively cheaper than exotic varieties.)

  1. Use Innovative Furniture

Your guest bedroom may currently be acting as your storage locker, but that doesn’t mean you should compromise on its decor. Just be smart about your choices. After all, there are many furniture options available at different price points to ensure homeowners find something for their space.

If you can afford to invest a little extra into your guest room, look for beds and sofas with storage options. For instance, there are upholstered beds that come with under bed drawers. Or add a standing wardrobe.

  1. Introduce a Seating Area

Adding a small seating area such as a corner couch or a bench near the bed offers space for guests to sit and unwind. If you have enough room, consider creating a small reading nook and add an ottoman or small bench for them to rest.

Regardless of how you decorate your guest bedroom, it’s important to consider your guests’ comfort and privacy to ensure a pleasant stay. By thinking of the finer details ahead of time, you can keep them happy and satisfied. Follow these tips to upgrade your guest bedroom and provide a relaxing space to visiting family and friends.