Picking Custom Drapes/Curtains for Your Toronto Living Room

Mar 8

Covering windows with custom draperies or curtains is the best way to add some colour and style to your Toronto living room. They can match your decor and make the space appear bigger and more open. These window treatments also give you control over light and privacy.

Lerner Interiors, Toronto’s leading window treatment company, offers a huge selection of custom drapes and curtains for your home at the most competitive prices.

In this post, we explore vital tips for selecting these personalized living room window coverings.

How to Choose the Best Custom Drapes or Curtains for Your Living Room in Toronto

Are you looking for sheer drapes or curtains to make your living room look more stylish? Do you want to buy drapes to avoid heat loss? Here are some strategies for choosing the best drapes or curtains for your living room. Also, consider suggestions about colours, patterns, and the best ways to install them.

Use Custom Drapes or Curtains to Create a Formal Look

If you want your living room to look elegant and formal, pick silk draperies. Their smooth texture and fine-looking sheen will beautify your space.

For a more elegant appearance, pick textured silk draperies or curtains. Because silk can be difficult to maintain, you can go with cotton for a hardier option.

Select Insulated Draperies or Curtains for Energy Efficiency 

Are you concerned about winter heat loss through your living room windows? Customized and insulated curtains or drapes are one solution.

They are lined with thick fabric to control light and insulate windows for heat absorption or loss. Moreover, they absorb sound waves and thus help keep outside noise out. The result is a cozier, more pleasant home.

Use Sheer Draperies to Tone Down the Look of Heavyweight Curtains 

Although thick curtains made from velvet or jacquard are luxurious, they are heavy-looking and not a great option for covering windows, especially in summer. So, lighten up your living room by layering sheer drapes behind these heavy curtains.

If you have living room windows with small panes, hang sheer custom-made drapery panels in taupe or cream. This will display the unique design of your windows as well.

Consider the Colour and Pattern of Custom Draperies or Curtains 

Custom curtains and drapes occupy a lot of visual space so you need to determine their colour and pattern accordingly. Also take into account the fabric and pattern of your living room furniture, such as your chair and sofa, and the colour of the walls. Then match the curtains or drapes to them.

The best tip is to take a small sample of the fabric in question and tape it on the particular wall where you want to mount it.

Don’t Neglect the Size of Draperies or Curtains

When it comes to custom drapes and curtains for your living room, size always matters. In fact, they must be at least double the total width of your window, even though you prefer it to remain open most of the time.

Make sure they are also long. In order to have a stylish appearance, they need to always touch the floor, with fabric to spare. For a clean and modern look, they can just skim the floor. Note that very short draperies appear truncated. Choose custom-made ones that are long and fit well with the look you want.

Consider the Options for Hanging Your Draperies or Curtains

There are two style options for hanging custom drapery in your Toronto-area home: traditional and contemporary. In traditional style, you mount the relevant hardware several inches above the top portion of the window casing; in contemporary, you install the hardware below.

Mix & Match Draperies with Other Window Treatments 

Don’t use just one type of window covering for your living room. Custom drapes insert extra layers of texture when combined with other window treatments. They also complete the space’s look.

Also try different colours, materials, and patterns of window coverings to create a visually appealing focal point. For example, for a cohesive and sleek appearance, pair drapes and shades that complement each other. If you like minimalist decor, choose neutral and matching colours for shades and drapes.

Use these custom drapery and curtain ideas to improve your living room’s ambience. Indeed, your window treatments are easily personalized, leaving no reason to purchase readymade ones. Whether you have a modern or traditional design, getting the best custom drapes is a good way to refurbish your space in Toronto and improve its functionality. For top quality drapes and curtains, consult our experts. Read our reviews to see how well we serve our customers.