Window Treatment Ideas That Can Get You Thinking

Feb 14

Curtains, draperies, valances or cornices — which one should you choose? To put an end to this confusion, we bring to you some window treatment options.

  1. Shopping Ideas

The flea market can give you surprisingly stunning home décor options. Ever thought of replacing your valance with a swirly piece of wood?  Unusual shopping experiences can land you out-of-the-box fashion ideas that can look very interesting.

  1. Imagination

When it comes to curtain, let your imagination go free. Buy an inexpensive drape and compliment it with cords, trims, fringes and pom-poms. This should surely appease to anyone’s taste.

  1. Cottage Feel

Why does wood always have to be hidden? Try a wooden gate window covering. Bring the cottage feel to your windows, while letting in light and warmth.

  1. Statues

Who says windows are home to only curtains, blinds, drapes and valances? Place a statuette of an animal in the window treatment or some other form of art.

  1. For the love of beads

If you like beads, give curtains a break and make a canopy of beads. Create a Hollywood-like atmosphere in your home with beads shinning away.

  1. Beyond glass frames

Glass can lead to higher energy bills due to heat loss. To avoid this issue, try adding a window film. You will notice a reduction in cold air, keeping you warmer during the winter.

  1. Go Green

Don’t only see green though your windows; add some greenery to them. Get yourself a window box and watch small plants sprout through these boxes. Landscaping has never been easier.

These are some ways of uplifting your window treatment ideas. Let go of the old and embrace the new.

Let us know which one you liked the best.